1-Click Buying

As someone who sometimes uses a mobile browser for airlinesim, I was concerned that the 1-click* buying nature of the new market could lead to trouble. Sure enough, yesterday I accidentally bought an aircraft instead of leasing, saddling me with crazy-high 3% interest payments instead of a 0.5% lease rate. I guess I’ll try to sell it, but that will be tough, since I’ve been buying aircraft that are getting cheaper because a ton of them are out there and no one else seems to buy them.

Could we at least have an option to turn on a confirmation page? It would be much safer…if I’d made this mistake on a wide-body, it might have wiped out my entire cash flow.

  • I know it’s technically two clicks to buy something, but the crucial difference between committing to one week of a lease and a multi-million dollar purchase is only one click between adjacent areas of a drop-down.

this is a good idea. I was surprised when I clicked to place a bid that there was no confirmation