12% return on equity shares for sale - at a discount!

Ladies, Gentlemen, pilots & CEO’s,

Do not miss your chance of acquiring 19,500 shares for Air Bombay at a discounted price.

Some great stats;- Return on Equity of 12%- Average Capital growth of 29% per week since IPO 9 weeks ago- $5.06 last distribution per share

If there so great, why are you selling?Dita Investment Trust was created to invest money during a saving period prior to creating a new airline. You will notice Dita Airlines owns shares in ABM and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Great, so what’s this discount you spoke of?ABM current value is $363.22 Dita Investment Trust is willing to part with these blue chip shares for $362.00

How do I take advantage of this?http://stapleton.airlinesim.aero/action/holding/stock?id=302 - be quick

P.S. if the stock continues to perform at the same pace, $100,000 today will return $280,000 in a months time (including dividends)!

Nice to see so much activity about my stock…

FYI Current price is 504.6 & last dividend was $6.98/share