20% passenger decrease without clear reason

I open this thread but I am not sure if has been posted before, so please let me know if it was.

I manage 2 airlines in Croydon with a fair development and enough profits. I am the single operator in most of my routes for several months, so normally I have loads over 90%, to my surprise for the last 5-7 days, these loads are going down crazy, around 20% in most of them. I tried to look for an explanation but I can´t find any!!

I didn´t change prices or onboard service, aircraft are the same, there are no new direct competitors on the routes and on the ORS I always have the best rate. Has there been any change in the server related with passenger traffic for Croydon? Is this related with the constant web crashes that Croydon has?

Please, I would appreciate any kind of explanation.

Thank you in advance.

Nothing about this - but there might be new compeitors - even if ORS is not showing them, there may be new connection routes. Also it is possible that these 20% were only transfer passenger so they might have found a new direct way.

But for both airlines who have completely different networks? It is really strange. I checked for new competitors and there are not.

If you offer flight from A to B and C, you may have transfer passenger startin in B travelling to C. So if there is a new offer from B directly to C, you don’t see the competitor, but he taking away all these former transfer passenger on both flight of you.

I also would have a look at the AGEX index … it went down the last week ext. 100 points … even it is just one keystone

Ok, that can be the case for one of the airlines. But I still don´t get what can happen with the other.

Thank you anyway!

I just checked the AGEX, it has been going down like crazy the last weeks, that together with a ‘ghost’ competitor in the network might explain the decrease in passengers. What a down…

Thank you for your help!