500 km flight

Which is best aircrafts, on-board services and cabin configurations for 500 km flights?

Dobar dan ;)

best config for low service costs with 4 stars: every point without the last one of catering on 1 (left bank), for extras all on 1 point (recht bank), too. You will get 4 stars for around 2500km, this will be enough for short range flights.

I cant tell you what the best plane for this distance, because I dont know your appearance on your routes (feeder, regio or massive-shuttles).

I use LETs (19pax) [feeder/regio small carrier] and it works pretty well, with the same service-config - lowest cost, most income and very flexibly for pax-changes on route.

Or you try one of the older Dash8’s -200 or -300, if there are more PAXes on route.

Good Luck.