6.2 Minimum Price

Hi everyone,

Just trying to get back into AirlineSim now that money isn't so tight.  Last time, I got a PM about being below minimum pricing- and now I can't find where the minimum price is for each route.  Is this still in the game?  If so, how do I find it?   Thanks in advance.

For each flight number, click the blue arrow to the right, and it will show you flight costing which has the minimum price listed there.

You got a mail about minimum prices? Who has send this?

(To be fair, this is from my memory of last summer, I don't have the message anymore, it was on pearls).  I got some sort of message in game that was a warning about being below minimum prices, from an admin.  I guess it was a warning about 'price dumping' if I recall correctly.  Sorry that I can't remember who, but I was indeed below the line (but- I will say it's not on the place where you change the prices, which made it hard to know I was below it until it was pointed out).

That's fine - I guess that was me. Just thought you now received another message and as I haven't send you one I was a bit confused.