717s, 737 classic and 757s for lease


All aircraft of Panama Airlines will be bough in the coming months and leased out at decent prices. I will have weekly auctions every week the aircraft that have been purchased that week will all go out on the market at 21:00 UTC every Saturday. All combined profits of the entire Global group will be used to buy these aircraft.

If not wanting to take part of the public auctions every saturday you can contact me and if interested we could set up an other time for the aircraft that you are requesting. 


Pick what you like :). Most 735s and 733s will be kept until the end of March but will later join the auctions but some may come earlier. 1 757 will come every week starting with February and the 757SFs will come last.



This week 2 737-400 HGWs will be on auction and a couple other aircraft not yet decided upon.

Actions g will start in February until then nothing will be auctioned off.

Global Banking Corporation is a new Subsidiary of the Global Group which will take care of the leasing of aircraft as well as stock trades. The first auction of aircraft will start on Saturday the 30th of January at 21:00 UTC with 1 757-200, 2 737-400 HGW.

1 757 and 2 737-400s are on the market right now more will come next saturday.

This Saturday at 21:00 UTC, a 757-200IGW and three 757-200 will come on the market. Happy bidding!

They have been on the market for sometime now