A/B/C/D checks?


I’ve just started playing and it looks like just the sort of detailed simulation that I love. I have lots of
questions but I’l start with one:

In most other airline games, you have to schedule A/B/C/D checks. Is it the same here? If so, how?


Welcome to AS!

There are no checks here. But have to plan enough maintenance times in your flight plan and should choose your mainentance partner wisely.

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Thank you! For maintenance time, I was thinking leaving the schedule clear from 2300 until 0600 each day - is that enough?

That should be more than enough time! Remember, you can choose your maintenance provider, and the amount of time required varies based on the aircraft. When you’re scheduling the plane, you’ll see the percentage of required maintenance - you want to keep that as close to 100% as possible.

Additionally, unlike some other airline sim games, passengers do not mind flying in the night. There’s no ORS penalty for flights in the night.

If you search around the forums, there are many excellent startup guides!

Best of luck!

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