A couple of beginner questions


I’m just learning the game, so I have some questions in mind.

[list=1][]When should I expect to see bookings on my routes. I have a few routes in the system, first flight is to take off tonight and it currently has a 5% load (snif). What conclusion should I make based on this ? Should I axe the route and find a better one, or will the load factor improve near the departure time. I have a competative price on the route and even the cabin is configured quite nicely.[]Is there an easy way to prospect a route without actually setting it up. I mean to find out what type of capacity already exitsts on a route. If there is already 1000+ seats daily between two small airports it does not make sense to offer more seats.[*]Do small startups generally stand a change against the mega airlines on a given route ? Ie. if I start a route frmo LHR-FRA am I already in disadvantage because I don’t have the large network behind me + the image of an established airline ?[/list]Thnx


It takes mostly 3 day’s to see how your route works.


If you booked the flight and wait 3 day’s you can see if you need a smaller aircraft or a bigger one.


If you dont start with widebody’s maybe you have a chance to get pax on this Route. Just a Tip: “Interlinings can help”