a couple of ideas

possibly already mentioned but since I dont have time right now to check and if I did go check I would forget what my ideas were ::S

1 -(could go in the marketing section) Option to sell your airline or buisness as a franchise or to sell completely moving all aircraft, flights, airport slots and offices, contracts ect into the new owners control as a sub firm, or option to sell airport flight slots(handy for those busy airports where you want a plan but there is no space)

2- Real event triggers (Most likly to expensive and complicated to set up) i.e airports closed for weather ect,

i like the idea:)

love number two.

as discussed before there should not be any "emergency events" in the game...please search the forum before posting.

as of the merger idea, it has been brought up before and i still support the idea! it would be really nice to be able to perform airline mergers...