A dense seating experiment


Jet9 recently ordered another A320-200, bringing the total fleet to 5 aircraft, including our A330-300R. We are looking to add another A320-200 to the fleet in the upcoming weeks for the San Francisco (SFO) to Kahului (OGG) route and the San Francisco (SFO) to New York Kennedy (JFK) route.

Current routes from SFO.
Honolulu (HNL), A330 x7.
Seattle/Tacoma (SEA), A330 x7.
Kahului (OGG), A320 x7; to be upgraded to A321.
Lihue (LIH), A320 x7.
Denver (DEN), A320 x7.
Vancouver (YVR), A320 x7.
New York Kennedy (JFK), A320 daily; to be upgraded to A321.
Phoenix (PHX), A320 x7.

Profit margin has increased to 61%.

Just a side note, I had a fun time competing against you with “WesternJet” in Yeager II :slight_smile:

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Jet9 has grown significantly!

Some updates:

  1. We have added the A321-200 standard to the fleet. In dense configurations, the A321-200 standard has a higher MTOW than the A321neo light. This allows us to carry more cargo per flight. The A321-200 also has transcontinental range.

  2. We added the Embraer E195-E2. This is an interesting aircraft because it seats fewer passengers than the A220-300 and still maintains the same cost-to-seat efficiency. The E195-E2 can also service 10 bar airports from other 10 bar airports. With the new ORS reducing some short haul profitability, this allows Jet9 to keep short haul flights full and profitable. The E195-E2 has very short take-off and landing runs. We can serve airports like Santa Ana (SNA) and Burbank (BUR) that have short runways. Finally, the E195-E2 has transcontinental range.

  3. We added used Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 aircraft. We are unlikely to keep these aircraft for long-term usage, but they are good capacity-increasers for low-demand short haul flights to secondary and tertiary cities.

  4. Load factors are high. 98.46%.

  5. Our Slimline HD configurations are very successful. A fully-loaded SFO-HNL flight on a A321-200 or A330-300R yields profit margins of approximately 69%.

  6. Recliner Long Haul with 3 extra inches of pitch seems to suffice for business class passengers.

  7. Long haul flights using Slimline HD seats remain a possibility. Slimline HD seat ratings remain at -2 bars until approximately 9,500 km and start at -2 bars at 2,500 km. Since Jet9’s transcontinental flights exceed 2,500 km, we are interested in flying densely-configured A330-900 jets on sub-9,500 km flights to Asia and Europe.

Thanks for the update

Hey all, some interesting updates!

  1. In the last two months, I’ve built a 4000 departure hub at San Francisco (SFO). I’ve started flying A350-900 and 787-9 aircraft – to Asia and Europe. It turns out that I can 100% my long haul flights with dense configurations:

    42 Lie Flat 140 J
    351 Standard Y

    35 Lie Flat 140 J
    324 Standard Y

    100% full loads on SFO to HKG, NRT, LHR, AMS, CDG!

  2. I’m also adopting an aggressive expansion strategy. Instead of concentrating on few maintenance types, I’m ordering as many planes as I can – from as many types as possible! I figured that the additional profit from opening new routes would be far greater than the maintenance cost.

    I’ve opened the following maintenance categories:
    Category 1 - A350-900
    Category 2 - A320 - A319, A320, A320neo, A321, A321LR
    Category 3 - 737 - 737-700, 737-800, 737-900
    Category 4 - 787 - 787-9
    Category 5 - CRJ - CRJ 900, CRJ 1000
    Category 6 - EMB - E175, E190, E190E2, E195, E195E2

  3. I’ve used multiple production lines to maximize new plane deliveries per day. It helps me expand faster.

    Airbus (TLS) - A320
    Airbus (XFW) - A319 and A321
    Boeing (RNT) - 737-700
    Boeing (PAE) - 737-800 and 737-900

  4. Some routes are underserved in North America: key trunk routes like ORD-SEA, ORD-SFO, ORD-DTW, ORD-MSP, SFO-HNL, SFO-PHX, and so on. It doesn’t matter how dense my seating is – the planes usually fly full.

I’m sharing because I hope the community can benefit from this! But an aggressive expansion plan like this only works in the places like the U.S. or Europe or China…big markets with lots of possible hub airports.


Nice. Maybe I will try this someday as well. It gets too easy and boring with large seats and higher prices methods.
(Just for info, what were new changes made in patch? I was not playing AS for quite some time)

To sum it up: the new ORS prevents the use of large seats and ultra high prices. The new ORS has only been rolled out on temporary servers so far. It’s helped me use Slimline HD seats effectively and allowed me to simulate the seating configurations of low-cost carriers.

I did it. Jet9 is now the largest carrier on Yeager III per weekly passengers flown. It will soon be the largest carrier on Yeager III per total passengers flown. If anything, it goes to prove that running an airline with Slimline HD economy seats is doable with the new ORS.

My aggressive expansion strategy has paid off. Even though I have 9 total aircraft types, the speed of my expansion has created enough connecting traffic at hub airports to be highly profitable:

Chicago (ORD) is now at 6.2K departures.
San Francisco (SFO) is now at 4.7K departures.

I’m reaching a point where my Chicago (ORD) operations have nearly maxed out slots. I plan on ordering A350-900 aircraft, configured domestically to meet high transcontinental demand. I significantly expanded international routes. I hope to add those soon!

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Hi, I have question:
At now, AGEX index of Yeager III has been down to 702.
Does it any big influences for Seat Load Factor of Jet9?

Down from 95% in to 92% in the past two weeks. We’re still doing well!

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What is an AGEX index?

Is this a new ORS? From what I remember this would have been impossible.

It is the new ORS. It’s preventing the high-priced “Recliner Shorthaul in economy” model. More realistic in my opinion. There’s even a noticeable difference in J demand on business routes versus leisure routes: ATL-JFK versus ATL-CUN.

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Again really basic knowledge. Did you ever read or watch the tutorials?

Sounds great! @martin Should totally make a permanent world with all the new things.

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@highscore2 what is with the attitude of the people in here ? Simple question. Would it hurt to give a simple answer.

Most if not all of your questions have been answered thousand times before. That’s why even a simple answer can hurt if you post this hundred times. People like yukawa have written a very comprehensive guide - you will find nearly everything in there.

Four letters standing for four words. It’s is a simple answer. You could have given the answer.
Nowhere in the game says that you need to read the manual before you start playing the game.
I play the game as a hobby not something so serious that I will need to read manuals. I do enough of that in real world.

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Search the forum. Best option. Faster solution - search the tutorial.

@AcuWings, the point of this thread is to discuss dense seating configurations. Not about AGEX. Please reserve that conversation for another thread.

What @highscore2 mentioned is usually the best way to find solution for your problems. This game has been online for over eleven years. I have played this game for eight years now. There’s plenty of information residing on the forum about almost every topic imaginable. For everybody – I kindly ask you all keep the conversation to dense seating configurations.

I will continue to update this thread with information about widebodies and hubs. I have plenty of new concepts to think through!

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