A question about an interlining situation

Hello everyone,

On one of my airlines I've been trying to only accept interlining partners that are only flying into my hub, and in return I only fly into their hub. I see this as a win-win situation.

One of the things I've been struggling with is getting some of my domestic flights to fill due to external competitors running international flights out of my secondary airports, although this is improving as I offer my external flights and get more good interlining partners. Given that situation, would I have any benefit from accepting an interlining agreement from someone who flies out of my hub and my secondary cities? Or am I likely to further reduce domestic traffic to and from my hub?

Thanks, OtterNZ.

Trial and error.

I would consider the following when signing an IL agreement with your 'competitor' (airline flying out of your hub, and in most cases secondary cities).

1. Look at their network, and see what the overlap is like.

2. Look at the flights they have coming into your hub.

3. Look at their market share in key cities

Following that, make a judgement. If I was to consider signing an IL with another airline, I would want there to be very little overlap in our network, and good feeds to both our hubs. Even then, it could go either way as service and seats will almost always be different.