Ability to take airline off stock market

I was thinking about it and I came up with a fair way to do so.

The majority shareholder has to buy 100% shares and then he/she has the ability to take the airline off the stock market.

I thought another way might also to simply reimburse everyone ( excluding the majority shareholder ) with the book value of the shares that they own.

I like the basic idea, and agree that taking a 100% owned private company should be possible.

Forcing the sale of stock to take a company private becomes more problematic. Forcing people to sell at book value would be a good return for them in many cases, but not all. Shortly after an oversubscribed IPO for instance. In real life you can’t just force people to sell, you must entice them with a significant premium to the shares market price (which in this came is closely tied to book value). Allowing a premium to be paid would probably open up the gates to manipulation. Maybe the fact that only airlines who have successfully gone public (and are therefore probably being played in good faith) would mean te problem wasn’t huge, especially if there was a time limit (4 weeks?) after the IPO before they could go private.

I think that this feature (especially now where asset transfer is prohibited between listed companies) is a must, but forcing players to give up their shares is no way to go. In the real world when a company is re-listed it’s shareholders do not necessarily lose their shares, but for simplicity’s shake that if only a player has over 99% of a company he can force others to sell them their shares at current market prices plus a premium.That could help avoid player blocking the de-listing by owing 1 or 10 shares but otherwise leaves the stock exchange mechanics intact.