About Maintenance

Hello, I've started playing a this game a few days ago and leased some old planes to start my airline. I noticed that most of the planes will be in 100% condition when they start their first flight except for a few. Are there any reason for some of my plane not being 100% in condition for the first flight? Because if this, some of my flights have been cancelled because of the plane condition so I cancel all the remaining flights before the scheduled maintenance and ferry the plane to the maintenance airport. But no maintenance have been done on one particular plane even its been there during the whole maintenance period. Can anyone tell me what's the problem here?

The maintenance status of your planes will be updated when they start their first scheduled flight. So just make sure to transfer it to the right airport.

Just to make sure: You picked a maintenance provider?

Yes I'm using African. Now that you've mentioned it, I believe that the condition of the plane was 49% when I leased it and it was unable to start the first scheduled flight due to that. So I cancelled all the next flight until the next maintenance period and ferry the plane to the maintenance airport but the maintenance won't start even after that. What should I do?

I don't think the first flight was cancelled due to the aircraft condition. You take a look why it was cancelled (mouse-over shows exact reason), probably because it wasn't at the right airport.

Don't worry about the 49% condition, you'll only see the new value after the flight takes off, there's no condition update before that.

Do you have enough cash available? If you can't pay for maintenance, that would be a reason why no maintenance is done and your aircraft would actually be stuck as long as you can't pay for maintenance.

I manually cancelled the first flight because I already ferried the plane to my hub but the first booked flight was from another airport and there was not enough time to ferry the plane there. But the second flight which is from my hub was cancelled due to insufficient condition. And yes I have enough cash available. What if at the start of the maintenance period, I don't have enough cash but during the maintenance period I gain enough cash for the maintenance, will the maintenance start?

Even if there are no flights for 3 whole days, the plane’s condition won’t be updated until the next flight takes off. So don’t keep cancelling flights until you see the condition change, you’re just wasting time and money.

If your plane stays on the ground for at least 2 hours, whether it’s a scheduled maintenance or because the flight was cancelled, and you’ve got money, it will receive maintenance. But you won’t see any condition change until the next flight takes off.