Accidental aircraft purchase

Hi all,

Due to iPad lag I accidentally misclicked on “credit” purchase instead of “leasing” in the aircraft market in Ellinikon. I now have a bank loan with 5,8% interest which is 770.000$ per week. That’s a very expensive aircraft for a young airline. This will probably eat most of my profit margin. You will understand that this was certainly not my intention.

Since I can most likely not reverse this, I was wondering what the community suggests that my best options are?

I could…

  1. keep the aircraft and pay a very high price until there is no more loan. This puts a strain on the further development of the airline.

  2. put it for sale on the market, knowing there probably is no company that will buy an aircraft in this phase of the game, pay a high price for the bank loan and miss the income that this aircraft could generate.

  3. …anyone have another suggestion (other than simply resetting the company which I don’t want to do) ?

Thanks for thinking along!

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This is the problem with the new servers: you make a mistake like this and nobody can help you...

I recommend to put it on sale and announce it here again. Sometimes there are offers for such mistakenly bought aircraft...

I don't think anybody will be able to buy it on Ellinikon at this time ...

Well - that's your opinion ... sometimes miracle may happen

Is it AS Holding that is making miracles? I like this company. ;)

Well, I put the 737-300 HGW up for sale with Fly China. Hope it works out. Thanks for the suggestion and probably also for your help sk :)

Thank you kindly!!!