Add "duplicate on-board service" button + edit onboard svc profile name

It would be convenient to add "duplicate on board services" button and edit on-board services name.

DUPLICATE as in "create service profile exactly like this".

Why duplicate button? It would be useful when we want to create similar onboard service but add/subtract some services, without having to click and recreate everything from the scratch.

Right now if you want to add a new service eoffering and create new service profile, you have to start from scratch. Duplicate would allow you to create duplicate onboard service profile and then change just the category you want (e.g. you currently have additional meal 800km and want to create a profile with exact same specs but instead of having 800km additional meal to have additional meal 1500 km, in order to use such profile on 1500km+ flights.) Right now you have to create a new profile and copy the plan category by category and just change additional meal option. With duplicate button, the same profile would be duplicated and you would then edit the second (duplicated) profile and just change the additional meal option without having to recreate and duplicate other service categories within that plan form the scratch.

Also, at this point you should be able to edit onboard service profile name.

I am totally agree, it would be faster to modify just one thing only