Addition to Flight Information Screen

Via the ORS or Route Management, we can see detail flight information of our competitor such as aircraft used and classes offered.

I suggest to add the classes configuration (number of F,C,Y, not the seat they used) in the page as well.

The information actually available from fleet list, as we know the aircraft registration on the particular route.

This will reduce the server load, so everytime we look for the information, we don't have to pull the whole country list just to find one.

Thanks for considering.

It would actually increase server load.

Why? Because every time a flight number would need to be linked with a plane's config.

Right now, the flight instancing enters the flights and they are in the database. They include flight number, plane and times, for obvious reasons. Any additional info means crosschecking various databases and pulling the info for the display.

How many times do you pull up config list? Most people have 1-2-3 max configs for a certain plane type. Just write it down somewhere.

Or load the fleet list page once and keep the tab open to cross-check.