Adjust Aircraft Orders

I believe it would be beneficial if it was possible to update aircraft orders while waiting for the delivery.

Let's assume you order 10 A319. The time until these are delivered is quite some time ahead.

Now if you realize that you should have better ordered 5 A319 and 5 A321 instead, you are stuck. You can't even get the A321 anytime soon before all A319 are delivered.

So my suggestion would be, that while the aircraft is still not delivered, it should be possible to change the type into another from the same family. The difference in price should then be deducted (or credited) at the moment of the change.

Possibly any change could incur a charge of maybe 0.5% of the purchase price or something.

I agree this would be a good idea. I think I submitted it on Google Questionnaire some time ago :)

But not just changing quantities from one type to another, but also "moving along" the production line, e.g. changing delivery times for example between 319 and 321 (or on Boeing side between 738 and 739) would be great. E.g. 739 was ordered first and 738 second, so you could move up some 738s and move down some 739s. Something like delaying delivery / swapping production slots that exists in real life. And I would go even further once this is touched, by being able to delay delivery / swap slots among various owned subsidiaries as they share the production line, and being able to move the aircraft up and down the production line as needed.

Why not even only require a downpayment on order, and then pay the rest a certain amount before delivery and the final payment at delivery?

Why not even only require a downpayment on order, and then pay the rest a certain amount before delivery and the final payment at delivery?

Because that way, you could spend the AS$ twice. The money needs to be made unavailable at the time of order, otherwise you face the problme that you're running out of money at the time of delivery.


you now get a discount if you order several planes. I guess that makes up for having to pay while you still wait.


You'd still have to pay for it. You could possibly grow a bit faster.

But it could be turned around as well, if you don't have the money, you will lose your downpayment as a default. That way, you want to make sure you have enough money once you need to pay it.

But that's not my key suggestion. I'd be more happy to simply be able to chose the specific model up to (shortly before) the delivery date.

I like this idea. I would also suggest having the possibility of cancel a lease before the aircraft has been delivered but paying the lease for the first week. 

Great idea,in real thats also possible

These are excellent ideas, I really like the adjust the planes idea’

It would be helpful...

I usually order 50 aircraft at the time, because I like the 5% discount  ;-)

But I always have to think twice if I don't need planes that are built in the same factory. And then I still forget something and have to wait a month.


I think it will be even better to have the option of ordering different types of aircraft under the same type in the first place. For example, instead of ordering 5 A319 and 5 A321 separately, we can order 10 A319 or A321 with a little bit more discount