Advices for Cargo Company


I would like to try open a cargo airline in temporary server or in a old long term server, just to see how different cargo is compared to pax transport.
What are the most important things to know about making a successful cargo airline?


All i know is that connections are really, really important with cargo. Also, many of the big cargo airlines on old servers are subs of passenger airlines meaning that they have the millions (or even billions) to set up massive hubs all over the world


And most of them are only profitable on the profit loss statement due to too low weekly depreciation values (24a) on the owned fleet they have. The real profit often enough might be negative. This situation might have improved with the recent update to the aircraft trader.


Having a cargo airline is Awsome but be aware of the serous competition of Pax airlines and other cargo airlines.

The key is to find those hidden gem routes and indeed connections

ANC HKG FRA AMS DXB MEM ICN NRT etc are big cargo hubs but also a looooooooot of competition.

Most cargo airlines start with the 767, however the A330F can be better with some routes as it can carry more cargo.

If you have an open cash cow route e g ANC HKG/CAN/SZX than you might wanna start with a 777F directly.

You can also start small with a lot of ATRs to make your own connections or with TU cargo planes, be aware that they have a slow production time and on routes of 4000km + the 33F or 767F are better

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face: