AIRBUS A320-NEO ordering Aircraft which are in production

On December 22 , There were reports that Lufthansa is  going to become launch customer of Airbus A320-NEO . When will AirlineSim will get A320-NEO with all the new feauters to buy ?

I want to suggest to AirlineSim that to put a Future Order option for aircrafts under production . This should allow Airlines to place orders for A320-NEO  , B737-MAX , Boeing 777-X  etc.. which are in development phase . Like how Airbus and Boeing receives orders from airlines still  when they are in development . Airlinesim can also give discount to users who place buy orders , some 5% to 30% on aircraft  .. I hope this can turn the game into more realistic

When reliable performance data is provided like every aircraft…

Future order been discussed many times but would only likely benefit long term players, and I would suggest many long term players are likely to invest in an aircraft they can have straight away rather than in 2 years time

Moreover, it is just 21 hour wait ... so why would I place an order for an aircraft months in advance?

Qatar Airways is already the launch customer of the A320NEO and the first aircraft delivered will be A7-AJB (cn 6772) or D-AXAN which is her current test registration. The CEO stated in late 2014 that the aircraft will be delivered in November 2015 but that is not the case and Airbus has reported delays in the certification because Pratt and Witney did not solve an issue with the engines and airbus grounded the aircraft and switched all personnel to the LEAP-1C ftv. Though it finally got dual certificates in the middle of November and cn 6227 made it´s first flight on the 4th of December 2015 so it can come at any moment.

Here is a video of the first flight of cn 6227:

As Aviation Week reported yesterday, it looks like Lufthansa will in fact become the launch customer:

As Aviation Week reported yesterday, it looks like Lufthansa will in fact become the launch customer:

I not read that before but after I did I finally found the reason why I do not like Pratt and Whitney. They can never make something both good and on time. Usually neither of them.

Other major examples of this issue is the JT9D which was the 747-100 engine and the first high bypass ratio turbofan jet engine to power a commercial aircraft. Boeing blew up over 60 of these engines in the flight testing of the original 747 because when you throttled up the engine the aircraft started shaking violently and finally the engine blew up. This issue was later fixed after the CEO of Pratt and Whitney joined Boeing on a test flight and finally he saw how important the issue was. On the first ever commercial 747 flight from JFK-LHR the aircraft had to return to gate because of engine problems and the aircraft finally got secretly replaced by another 747 by changing the aircraft name hoping nobody would notice. This caused long delays for the 747 and you can see pictures on how various non engine fitted 747s are piled up outside of the Boeing factory.

The second example is with the PW6000 which should have povered the A318. This engine was made especially for the A318 it was designed to be simple and easy to maintain with a five stage high compressor but when the Pratt and Whitney did tests on the engine they discovered that this engine burns a lot more fuel than expected. This resulted in that most customers turned away from this engine, Pratt and Whitney out in a six stage high compressor and the entire program was long delayed and Pratt and Whitney sold only 34 engines for commercial use and a couple for corporate use.