Airbus A330 P2F?

(when) will we get the A330 P2F

I mean even airbus is offering it on its site.
In AS I feel like airbus is not getting enough love in case of cargo planes.

Compared to Pax, choices are quite limited

There where also rumours of a A320 series P2F

As a general rule AS don’t include aircraft that have been modified/converted from there out of factory condition. By definition P2F came out of the factory as a passenger and then converted to a freighter. In other words don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

There’s currently no offering for aircraft that are still in production/available in current conversion offerings.
But there’s plenty of (earlier, out of production) types available that have never been built as freighters.

Still the An 124 is not really in production, but we still have it.

We have so little cargo planes it’s rediculous.
And when will we get the conversion tool that was promised almost a year ago?
When they bumped up the price?

This was announced in December last year and it’s still on our agenda - but we’ll be focusing on other releases (demand update and new wiki) before that.

we’ll be focusing on other releases (demand update and new wiki)

Can you give us any more details on AS’s current thinking on what the demand update will look like? Are you still working towards having multiple passenger types etc, from the roadmap a while ago? Or are you focusing on more incremental improvements to demand that can be delivered sooner?