Aircraft Condition - Updating

Hi there,

I’ve had a 737-700C on the ground for 5 hours now at my hub having cancelled flights after it’s condition dropped to 54%, so an effectual grounding. However it’s condition has not improved in 5 hours. Its’ only done 2 days continual flying and is knackered. Its is currently located at my hub and the maintenance is done through [color=#333333][font=“Arial”][size=“2”]Maintenance Aéronautique Solaire[/size][/font][/color] - Quality good, efficiency lousy. I set it to them as it flies constantly Mon-Fri with light Sunday use so that Saturday it can be repaired to the best possible quality, and as time is not of the essence owing to it being on the ground for 24hrs I figured efficiency was the least of my concerns.

Have I done this wrong? Also how long does it take for the aircraft condition to update? Am I not doing something?

Any help would be seriously appreciated!!

It updates after a flight, don’t worry, it should be good by now.

BTW, leaving aircraft grounded for 24hrs just for maintenance is not really necessary…

I’m still showing 54% after 6 hours on the ground (at my home base as well, not that it should matter!). How can I get this to turn around? Is it taking my aircraft’s status from the schedule instead of it’s assigned flight status? On the schedule it should be flying so wouldn’t be maintained but the flight status is cancelled in order to allow repairs. Please help!

Your a/c status will not update until it takes off. After sitting for 5 hours it should certainly be good to go, and upon departure you will be able to see its new condition level.

I have an MD82 flying non-stop for more than 24 hours. (01:00HT- +1 17:30HT It has also dropped below 50% dispite the maintanance ratio being 115%. I have been able to do this earlier. Have something been changed in the game?

Not as far as I know. Did you change maintenance contractor in the mean time? Did you shift your maintenance windows (i.e. did you use to have 2 windows on consecutive days before this long continuous stretch, and now only have 1)?

I can only imagine that this is happening because the maintenance that takes place before this 24h+ flying window isn’t long enough to get the plane back to 100%, but instead always a few %-points short of that mark.

Also, in the past, did you operate the same number of flights in that 24h+ window? Did you add any compared to before?

It is most likely due to the previous window is not long enough to get it up to 100%. I will make adjustments to the schedule as I just put in the flight.