aircraft condition

i have a q400 that has a condition rating of 90%. the maintenance level is at 135%. is this a concern that i should be dealing with? i have 8 other similar a/c which have condition levels ranging from 93 to 100%. thanks.

Nothing to worry about. Just wait for the next maintenance break.

thanks very much

If your maintenance blocks are evenly spread out every day at the same time, and your maintenance ratio is over 100%, and you don’t have delay windows which if not present would bring your maintenance ratio down under 100%, then you have nothing to worry about. Aircraft only get grounded once their actual MX state drops below 50%.

If the condition drops under 90% however, it has small influence on the ORS. 


Please do not provide and spread false information.

There is no direct and immediate influence on the ORS rating from aircraft’s actual maintenance condition.

Maintenance condition at time of takeoff affects flight image, flight image is added to the total overall image, and overall image in turn affects ORS rating of all of airline’s flights, but the actual maintenance condition of the aircraft has absolutely no effect on the immediate ORS rating and the particular bookings for that flight.

In fact, ORS rating is calculated 72 hours ahead of the flight when flight gets instanced, with rating based on factors ORS considers, and the actual aircraft’s maintenance condition is absolutely not one of them. Once ORS rating is assigned to a particular flight, that ORS rating does not change at all, regardless of what you do or don’t do. Once the flight is instanced, it’s rated, and that’s the end of it.

Actually you dont need a higher maintenance ratio than 100% (as long as it evenly spaced out), 100% is about 3.5 hours per day for a new plane with African. Personally I prefer two 2 hour maintenance breaks per day to split it out more.