Aircraft Deliveries

I’d like a modification made whereby when you order a new aircraft you can immediately assign flights, cabin configuration etc. Afterall I have a confirmed delivery time of some time this evening and a lot of time now and I’d like to have everything prepared so it can enter service ASAP.

I realise this "waiting" can be avoided by leasing a pre owned aircraft but in this case none were available.

Is it possible or likely for this to be changed?

It was supposed to be a part of 1.5.7 but didn’t make it. So it’ll probably debut with one of the upcoming patches.

Great, thanks. I’ve done as much as I think is possible without actually having access to the aircraft, making flight numbers and using the performance tool to get flight times and then using the airport page to check slots etc. It’s alot of work which is obviously streamlined by having the aircraft scheduling tool which requires the aircraft. Fortunately the joys of Airport Standby mean I can organise as much as possible while waiting to fly (or not)

You can go to the financial schedule

and then ?

you can look again when you get the plane, but no more

the registration number there is no more linked to the plane, like in former times

the only way to make the flight schedule in advance is via the countries fleet list

but only the schedule, no pilots or seat configuration

As of now, it’s a bug either way and you should not be using it. Let alone encourage others to do so. Until we have actually made this into a feature, there’s no dependable prediction about the consequences this might have, for example in deletions!