Aircraft Layouts

I was wondering if some changes can be made to the aircraft layouts. I was thinking about a preimum economy section as well as a bar area in the fleet. Even some options as a casino or duty free shops like what current airlines are adding in the A380s…for example.

Also the added feature of adding lounges at airports.



Nope. Planes are only are to be set up with seats and that it.

While it would be conceptually difficult to incorporate a bar or duty free shop into the game, I do think that Premium economy should be included as an option for cabin layouts. Y+ is becoming somewhat of a standard these days and it does fill a gap!

Lounges at airports are a must - but I do think that the game allows you to build "terminals." I am not sure what role the terminals serve, however. Could someone elaborate?

I think adding a confort class, in other words premium economy, or improving terminals is more important and therefore easy for the game.

Most airlines still use a three class concept. Business Class is becomming their premium class and an economy premium class is becomming a substitution for the former business class. IIRC most of the real world airlines using an economy premium product don’t offer a first class. The problem at airlinesim - each class has it’s own decission rules for the virtual passenger and adding a 4th class system means also increasing the demand calculation time which still is simply not possible at the moment.

A bar or duty free shop on board are nice but they are seldom and if you have the mercy to be alife a little bit longer of the eart, you will remember the same on introduction of the 747. There was also a bar in the upstairs. But there is no airline left after a few years flying a bar arround. So if there are bar or duty free shops in an A380 layout at some airlines, I’m quite sure the airline will quit this service in advantage of extra seats (which means lower costs/seat) if there isn’t any other regulation like needing an additional flight attendant.