Aircraft leasing in stapleton

Hey! So i have been noticing that in Stapleton there are almost 0 aircraft to be leased, so I was wondering if the admins could free up some and put some more on the leasing market! Thanks! :D

i correct my posting from the 787 thread, have you read anything about this game before ? this board or the wiki ?

or just play and dont care about the work people do to write helpful information everywhere ?

dont have to be such a douce! Its just a question foo!

yes, and if you able to read you can answer it yourself,

it’s not my intention to support people’s idleness

particularly not if using such abusive language

well stop talking like one and I wont call you out than! Watch what you say! Funny how people act all tough online like they are sooo hard!

but he’s right

first read the wiki then ask

What for more aircraft to lease? You can still have wonderful work or do you lease from old models?

Hi Tuckersi,

I am a noob also and until today I wasof the same belief.

Just realized tho, you can lease planes from new when their still in production.

Just go to the same page you would to lease it, then run through the steps to buy a brand new plane. You’ll then get the option to buy outright, on credit or lease from new.

Hope this helps.

Chillhunter you dont have to be a dick. You could have just as easily not answered or posted a link to the wiki which is very vague in many aspects. But you decided to be a dick. Way to go

This is what the Wiki says:

I did read the Wiki when I started playing, and I also thought "order a new aircraft" meant "buy a new aircraft".