Aircraft Market Proposal

It is a current behavior on Aircraft Market that when there are 50 aircraft from AS Trader on aircraft market, an aircraft that comes in as #51 is discarded (and #52, #53#X).

I propose a modification to the behavior in small way, and is as follows:
if the aircraft #51, #52#X is newer than the oldest aircraft listed on the aircraft market, the oldest aircraft is removed from the aircraft market and is replaced by newer aircraft #51. This would maintain the limit of 50 aircraft from AS trader being listed, but would refresh the market with newer units.


This would make more sense.

Like the idea and it would allow for better options

I didn’t even know there was a 50 plane limit. If there is then yeah this makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately no response from the AS team on this here.

Second proposal, when outbid by an other player get you money back directly, so you can invest in a different aircraft and not need to wait for the end of the auction.

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