Aircraft Market

What is the difference between the number of aircrafts available in the Action section/Aircraft market and the number of aircraft that are listed as Public?

I see that there is sometimes a difference between those numbers, where I had the idea they should be the same.

Public means how much is available by AS Aircraft Lease. In used market, almost always there are no more than 50 planes listed, the other ones are "in the background". Once the listed ones get taken up, new ones are listed by AS Aircraft.

Also, keep in mind that when a company goes bankrupt, it will dump all its planes into the market, but they only show up one every hour. So if a company with 50 Boeing 737-700BGWs goes under, it will take over 2 days for all the planes to show up. So thus, it will say there are 50 public planes, but they won't all show up at the same time.

Ok thanks. That explains why there is only 1 737-700BGW on auction and 150 public.


so, if I understood what all of you said : the 3 planes I’m trying to sell will start auction only when someone will buy those who are currently on auction?

when you put your aircrafts on the used market, they are visible right away. The "timer" always only starts, when someone makes the first bet.

aircrafts owned by AS leasing company (aircrafts, that were returned from players) only become available a few at a time.

Hi Nilitys,

what Rubio and Caithes explained, goes for used planes that are "owned" by the game.

If you put a plane on the market, it will be there straight away and stay there until you withdraw your offer to sell the plane. The thing is... you won't see it. The game doesn't show planes that you want to sell because you can't buy your own planes anyway, and maybe also because they don't want you to put a higher bid and artificially increase the price  ;-)

If you want to see planes that you have put up for sale (or lease), you have to go the the market page and click on the tab that says <your offers>


thanks for the answers. I gess no one bet on it yet... and I don't expect anyone to do so^^...