Airline Goals.

I was wondering if any of you fellows set specific goals for your airlines, other than just becoming massive, like using a difficult aircraft or small airport. I have very specific goals for all my airlines and I was wondering if that was common.

I have never managed to grow an airline very large(mainly because I never stayed long enough) but for my only airline at the moment, one of my main goals is to serve every single airport in the country..that country is Canada..while staying profitable :P

So it gives me a huge challenge concidering that most airports are one bar airports at huge distances from any airport with the capacity of transfers! :P I can't wait to see how it will all turn out to be!

I tend to use more or less "difficult" aircraft. It would be very boring for me to operate Q400s and 737NGs + 787s. It is far more interesting to make an A300B2 running profitably :wub: .

Some ventures collapse while others are functioning. I never had long-term goals and my only goal at Airlinesim is to secure the future of my "baby": Sparrow Air. The goal of Sparrow Air remains to offer an attractive network within Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 

I am still trying to determine the specific parameters, but so far my goal is:

Use no more than 100 aircraft to make the most efficient airline I can (best margins), while using only one HUB. The secondary challenge is to operate a least one 747-8i profitably and to eventually outright own all my aircraft. Some of those are very lofty goals, but better to aim high than low.

Establish a massive airline and have a subsidiary in restricted market with no traffic right at all from the home country. The main airline will be flying frequently to the destination and the subsidiary airline will be flying diversely to other network to compete against airlines in the market.


Home country of hub - India

Subsidiary's country - Maldives or Sri Lanka or Bahrain

Playing against the general "rule" would be challenging and this is of course adventure to stay profitable or remain higher SLF.  :P

I have given myself challenges, like making a succesful company in Kathmandu, Nepal - and London City Airport. Both have went very good. At the moment, I have a Dubai based company in Aspern (very mainstream, I know), but that is basically just a money machine for another project :-)

At this point in time, after many months of trial and error, my goal is to run a profitable airline. I seem to have finally succeeded, although the profits are relatively modest.