Airline headers should be larger


Making my Airline’s artwork is one of my favorite things to do, yet I’m often unhappy with the limited amount of space available for headers and such (and thus causing low res art). There’s ample room to increase the header size IMO. In my example, the header could be increased to the area in red while the information in the blue tab could be moved downward to accommodate for the larger header.



On your screen size you have the space, on an iPhone you don’t have the same space…


Such large logo would be annoying and distracting.


A separate container for a livery would be nice though. Current space is not really adequate for something like that.


@ianmanson I’m interested to know the statistics of PC vs. mobile users. I know I rarely use mobile (really only to check messages) and don’t use it to change settings in my airline as I feel it’s easier to do with a PC. If a sizable portion of players used a mobile device over PC I can see the reason for the smaller logo. I’m curious if it would be possible to scale the logo with the information tab so that it remains the same size across various platforms.

@rubiohiguey2000 You could always keep the smaller logo instead of making a bigger one, I think it’s a bit unfair to restrict others based on one personal preference on an aspect unrelated to gameplay and what is purely personal choice. If there’s a strong voice in the community that shares this sentiment however then that’s a different story. Tbh, I find the unaligned and low res logos more of an issue than the size of the logo.

I’m interested to hear other opinions on the current logo size.


Since you state, this is about finding a voice in the communkty in this regard, I am woth rubio on this one


I’m 100% with Ozumandias…

I would also like to have some space for a livery, as it’s very small for the moment…