Airline Help?

Hi. I started playing this game about 4 days ago and have already restarted twice. I'm playing on the Pearls server and my airline is Hunt Aerospace..

I currently have 27 planes, all leased, including:

2x McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F

1x Ilyushin Il-76T

1x Ilyushin Il-76TD

1x McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71AF

3x Antonov AN-12B

4x Antonov AN-32

1x McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30F(HK)

1x Boeing 747-100

1x Boeing 747-400M

1x Boeing 747-200B Combi

1x Boeing 737-300 BGW

1x Boeing 747 SP

1x McDonnell Douglas MD-11

7x Britten-Norman BN-2B-26 Islander

As well as 23 more Islanders on order.

All of them have good maintenance ratios. I have used the Islanders to start up various routes between popular city hubs. My question is:

Since I know you're not supposed to start out buying as many planes as possible, can I just wait until the balance evens out and I start making money with the wide-body jets? I have over 200 offices and re-entering every single office would not be very fun in the case of a restart.

Any help please?


  • It would be wise to concentrate your efforts to develop an airline with no more than three different maintenance-categories
  • It would be much easier for you to have a business-concept
  • It seems that you are operating passenger-flights between two countries outside the USA = no traffic rights
  • Even with a well-developed hub, it is rather difficult to develop long haul services and widebodies are much more difficult compared to smaller planes
  • Most of your mentioned aircraft are very difficult aircraft in this game. The only "low-risk"-plane is the Boeing 737-300BGW.

It would be wise to research this forum for good advice. Good luck with your collection of airplanes ;)

MD-80 is correct with his advice. What I would like to add is that if you have a fleet of only a few aircraft types it will be easier for you to organise flights and be on top of the situation. At present you have 27 aircraft in 14 different variants which must be a right pain to keep organised. If you had say three different aircraft types (1 domestic, 1 long haul and 1 international) then you would immediatley know your fleets details without having to keep looking up their range, runway requirements, cabin configurations and such. Also having more than three different maintenance catagories is going to have you wasting money on added maintenance fees which is unnecessary and just winds up being an added expense hurting your profits.

I could be wrong here but 200 offices seems like quite a lot, starting out I'd assume it would be better to focus on building up solid routes and maximising their potential rather than flying to as many locations as possible. Thats each aircraft serving on average 7.5 airports served daily and each office being used will be staffed costing more in wages. If you have a popular route with consistent bookings maybe add another flight onto that route, as far as I am aware this will not increse staffing costs for those airports but will allow you to stop using airports that are not bringing in bookings and reduce wage expenses.

Try to start up will need sometime for it to grow bigger.  :)

I agree. I know it's really fun to have all those different airplanes, but you need to think more like a businessmen here. I recomend starting with airplanes no more than 2 years old. Also be sure to use the most popular models. There's a reason why there are more than 2000 Boeing 737s on some servers. It's all about the image factor. I started the game by leasing 4 airplanes. After that, I was able to add about one airplane a week. But after a month or so, you'll be able to grow your airlines fast.