Airline name changes

How come some airlines/holdings/subsidiaries change their names? I’m not talking about ones that are breaking the naming rules but just the other regular airlines. Why do they do so? How do they do it?

They send us a new name suggestion, but there must be some good reasons as we don’t want to change hundreds airlinenames per day. A good reason may be a take over of a company.

Thanks for the reply! Ok, so when you take over a company by stock trading. What if you haven’t taken over another company? I’ve seen quite a few of those changing names. For example (in Nicosia), Cubic Shuttle that used to be Air Persia Regional and has not changed its owner

It is not a normal process and cost us manpower, whick is limited. So if this happens from time to time we can do this. But you may imagine if now hundreds of players want to rename their companies, we can’t do this. So we may limit this to good reasons ;)