Airline Signature wont work :(

Hey guys, So I am having trouble with my Airline signature. I have done the url exactly the way they have explaned it in the announcements page, but it still wont work :( Here is what I have been putting


You have to use the "insert image" button, not the "insert link"

yeahhhh, its not working :(

Just copying the code and replacing the ID with your own will not work (at least when using Safari for Mac OS). You need to use the "insert image" button. In the field "Image URL" you should paste your modified signature picture URL, in this case




Many here hade problems with copy-paste. Just try to type it yourself ;)

sweet, it finally works!! LOL Thanks a lot guys! Much appreciated!

I have the same problem !

Can somebody help me ?

Here are my Airlines :

On Meigs : Algeria Line

On Pearls : Russia Air

Ich danke schon im vorraus

Grüßlr Andreas

Es hat doch geklappt !!!:lol:

kool i always want to know hot to do that thanks