Airlines for sale (Stapleton)


Due to time constraints, I am pulling out of the Stapleton server. Therefore I have just put all my shares up for sale!

Air Eco (LTN) the leading airline from this airport.

Air Cyrrus (LHR) around 5th/6th largest airline at Heathrow.

Good luck to the future owners of these airlines…Happy flying :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting to get on stapleton can I just take your spot :(?

As soon as they sell, its all yours my friend…

haha, Toiletduck, i guess, when you enter Stapleton with 10 million, you wont be able to buy the majority of those airlines! …

well I don’t want to buy an airline I just want to start my own there. If it’s the least developed I can get a better opportunity.

Will you PM me before you jump so I can take it?