AirlineSim not (really) compatible with Firefox?!?

Hey guys,

I am sorry to bug the Admin with this again. But for me this is an issue. I know the admin is currently v busy just keeping up the servers but IMHO there seems to be a bug.

This is the problem:

When using "main links" like from the board on top of the page, all links are loading perfectly and fast. But a lot of "sub" links, particularly the "switch destination and start point" or "change/save" button in the route management almost of the time produce a internal error.

This seems somehow related to the Server Status because sometimes it works normal and on other days it is just not working at all. The funny thing is though that other links/pages work without any hint of a problem also on "bad days".

I’m using Firefox 15.0.1, IE 9.0.9 and am at Devau.

If other people experience similar problems this seems to be a bug, otherwise my Firefox or Laptop is just messed up and I am sorry for bothering you! :blush:

As far as I know the Internal server error should equal server downtime (no responce from host). In other words when the server is overloaded it produces this kind of error.

I have no problems using Firefox. The problem I have is whenever I go to the “cabin configuration” section using Google Chrome, it just doesn’t work. I can set the seating configuration and the crew, but I can neither re-calculate nor save it. I have to go to Firefox to do it.

It’s nothing to do with Firefox.

This is a problem we’ve been hunting for weeks now and haven’t found out what’s causing it yet. The only way we know of to relieve those affected by it (it’s not everybody, that’s the big problem because so far we failed to reproduce it in vitro) is to log out on a page that’s working and to log back in, thereby discarding the old session and starting a new one. As far as we know this helped some, at least temporarily.

I have problems using Firefox.I got an error,the script raphael.js can not answer.The error occurs only on pages of large airports,for example FRA,LHR,MUC.

That’s something else again and will be fixed soon.

One thing is e.g. that I can hardly use the "route" page to quickly change the price of a route and check load. This is really a pain in (my) firefox (on two different computers). Using IE it works most of the time. If I use th iPad / Safari everything is about 10 times faster and it works smooth most of the time and hardly any internal errors.

I’m no tech expert but there must be something browser / hardware related. Sure, the server (Devau) is somewhat unstable and there are very annoying bumps in the connectivity but if I start using the iPad on a “bad server day” it is going smooth most of the days. IMHO iPad/Safari must do something different / “better”. Maybe this gives you a hint about where to look / test.

The whole thing reminds me on a old German Tv commercial (slightly adjusted) “… und während im Firefox noch gewartet wird, wird in Safari schon wieder gebucht…” :P