Airport Closure and Staff Strikes

What if you had to cancel or delay flights due to weather conditions causing the airport to close , therefore effectively having to cancel all flights , and provide refunds as like a random event for extra realism 

Also could there be a staff strikes if you don't assign a large salary or to their satisfaction , therefore causing to cancel or delay flights until you resolve the money issue .

Just a few idea's from my personal perspective 

Please take a look at many threads about these ideas. It would be very difficult to implement such scenarios.

As pointed out quite a few times before AS are not a reactionary game. If you introduce something like airports close randomly then you would also have to enable the player to cancel,delay or divert the flight. Same with strikes you would have to involve a mechanism where passengers can be transferred to other flights at airlines expenses.

So then what happens when a user doesn't log on for 24hours a day?

Well, there is actually an airline simulation game which do this kind of thing, but only to major airport closure, the one that being published to the world, the kind of closure where everybody know days before the closing happen. For example, when Bali had its sacred day and Denpasar Ngurah Rai must be closed from any flight activity, this game also close DPS for that exact day, but telling the player a week before (just exactly like the DPS in real life). When Manila must shut down its airport due to hurricane, this game also close MNL for days, and sending a message to every player. It doesn't happen very often, as airport closure due to force major were not happened every day, so I assume the developer just click some button to close the airport then reopen it at the opening day.

But I do respect what airlinesim did here. This is not crucial or significant whatsoever.

It is not said, that this will never come, but with the current function of it would be a mess for all player and we do not want this.

Personally, I would not like to see this at all. It would shift the focus of the game from a strstegic economy simulation to micromanagement.

That's why we don't have it. If you have a look at the munich video, you may recognise some points how this may work. But that is far away at the moment and not sure if and when this may come. The influence should not be an operational one.

Thats why I said it is not crucial.

That airline simulation game I've talked about only have one world to play. I cannot imagine if player who plays multiple world in Airlinesim has to make each of the flight ended or takeoff from one particular airport set to a more efficient usage. Even in that game, most of the people let their aircraft sit as long as the airport closed. I personally second your opinion, I do not agree to this airport closure stuffs being implemented. At least, not for today, and in the near future.