Airport Regenerations

Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I’m not sure whether this is a request or an idea, but I’ve been thinking.

A few regional airports (in particular my local airport, Southend) are going through a phase of regeneration. Gone are the days of 45,000ppa. Southend are looking at around 2mppa. Will this be followed on AS.? Will the market for passengers increase from the current 1 bar.?

I understand the system is a few years behind the current trend and it is being worked on to update the system, but it would be nice to see Southend back on the map, not only in real-life, but in AS aswell.

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when there are pax they come with an airportupdate soon

look here:

btw: where are so many pax?

London Southend Airport

It would be reasonable to increase it to 3-4 bars for 2012, but after that I am not sure.

Let Southend first get successful start its plans …

For now SEN is just a “farm track” with 1 bar PAX and no cargo at all. When it really gets like they predict this airport won’t be any better. Of course depending on the special situation for this airport on any server you could fly up to A320 there, when nobody competites you but still. It will stay just a “destination”. Their plans look like a future airport with 3 (or just 2) bars and could be called “Village airport” (if the team would change this aswell).

And for sure, when the update of the airports before SEN in the row will take too long and the airport already has more demand than "then" or now, it will get this.

EDIT: And it will maybe get some cargo.

The team is working on an airport update as you can see on the official board here in the forum. Anyhow, renewing the airports data in europe is still to come. If southend has changed its demand significantly yet, we will see the effect on AS when the update is implemented. This might take a while, since with thousands of airports, there is a lot of data the team has to go through.