Airports with mainly seasonal flights

Hello mates

How does the game handles this kind of airport? Like Menorca in Spain, and many other airports in Greece and other holiday destinations?

If you look at each airport's wikipedia page, most flights are seasonal. Does the game considers these flights?

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No this is not simulated in as. All airports have equal demand at all times of the year. It would be the same as peak hour traffic, or flights on Tuesday, Thursday, Sat pm and sun am not been as popular as other times of the week. Unfortunately none are simulated…

Maybe AS should consider adjusting the AGEX by seasonal factors instead of random AGEX factors. That would make AS more interesting & realistic.  :D

Sure, but there are two problems: Not everyone has to adjust his offer due to the AGEX, but this would have been done on seasonal factor. And the second ... this would mean that we have to find the data for the seasonal aiports at all, which we currently not have. For europe and northern america this might be a solvable task, but currently we don't have them. This may be a thing for a future version were demand calculation may be not base on real airline data.

Pretty agree with your point...this is a complicated task. Seasonal demand factor may be vary by countries and regions. I hope to see it in future development to substitute the current AGEX system.

Thank you all.. i just wanted to know if the system considers the full year demand ;)