All aircraft in Indonesian Express Airways are not operating and I think there is a lag,

My 3o Clock wave has not departed and my flights on the arrival wave are stuck in there airport’s. They are meant to be at DPS at 01:59HT or 17:59 UTC but are still at there previous airport.

No flights have been cancelled and all flights have boarded at DPS. He schedule is green and has been in operation for weeks.

Has anyone else in aspern got this with all aircraft.

The server was working.

I understand in the forums that there is a lag sometimes, however not in all aircraft. It is now 3 hours behind, if longer,

Flight CGK-DPS has now left 4 hours behind schedule according to fleet info page.

A earlier flight from Pontianak has left.

I believe that there is a lag if 3 hours 40mins. They may catch up.

At the bottom of any page on your gameworld, there is a link that says “Game Status” (or presumably the localisation translation) that tells you whether there is a backlog or not, and how far backlogged everything is.

At this time of writing, Aspern is 00:56 backlogged. The AS team is already aware, and they’re working on the problem.