All cargo but no passengers

Hi there,

New to airline sim, when I first signed up, I signed up as Melbourne, Florida instead of Melbourne, Victoria.

I created a new company AirG00r (AGR), the first one I struggled with the scheduling thing, so I restarted, but noticed I couldn’t change the base of operations.

Second attempt (also AirG00r) I have all my flight schedules set, everything seems right to go, except I havent got a single passenger. All of my flights have some cargo on them, but I cant seem to attract a single paying passenger. I have done two 20% price drops.

The only reason I can think of is that office is US based and I’m operating solely out of Aus (except for a flight to Auckland)

Thoughts? Tips?

I have seating, Pilots, activated flight schedule…mini cans of coke


Enterprise has to be in the same country. You need to restart and pick which country you want to be based in. Only cargo will be transported like that.