Alliance directorship?

I have some questions about the title of Alliance director. I see that the Wiki has zero information.

  • what capabilities does a director have that other members don’t?

  • is there a way to change the director(s), like voting or whatever?

  • what happens if anything if a director stops playing or leaves the alliance?

  • any other answers to questions I haven’t thought of?

The director have Administration panel which gives him ability to:

  • change logos & setup the profile

  • view the full timetables of all members of the alliance

  • view the facts and figures panel of the alliance financial performance

  • assign managers - that turn into directors after some time automatically

  • remove any member from alliance

after when your assigned manager will turn into a director and the original director will leave. Other than that no voting is possible.

The director can nominate his successor. When he leaves nominated member will become a new director.

I think the 2nd founder becomes a director automatically when original one leaves without giving the job someone else. I don’t think there’s a voting, although i’m not sure.

The manager have the 3 first abilities of the director

I think these are important missing features of the director:

  • Ability to view which member had voted and how (best option), so he could rush airlines that hadn’t voted to speed up process.

  • Cancel the voting process (i.e. voting takes too long, applying airline want’s to cancel it)

  • More control of the discussion panel (i.e. pinning & locking threads, removing posts of other members, editing - should be available for every member)

  • Ability to message all of the members of the alliance at once.