I was wondering if you would like to start an alliance with me and my other interlining partners,if you do please try to get as many potential members as possible. The focus of this potential alliance is to give new enterprises a chance by allowing them membership into an alliance as most current alliances have many restrictions or need a member to meet certain requirements.

If you do agree please reply soon



CEO Fly Me


Ich frage mich, wenn Sie möchten, ein Bündnis mit mir und meinen anderen Interlining Partner beginnen, wenn Sie versuchen Sie tun, um möglichst viele potentielle Mitglieder wie möglich zu erhalten. Der Schwerpunkt dieses Potenzial Allianz ist es, den Unternehmen eine Chance, indem sie die Mitgliedschaft in einer Allianz wie die meisten aktuellen Allianzen viele Einschränkungen haben oder müssen ein Mitglied für bestimmte Anforderungen erfüllen.

Wenn Sie nicht einverstanden sind, antworten Sie bitte bald



CEO Fly Me

Is this to everyone?

yep every airline on fornebu but there will be very small restrictions such as

Average aircraft age of 20 or less

Finance rating of B and above

All members are required to interline if in the same continent

Yeah I’ll get in on this.

My brother will join as well. Got any ideas for names? Is it going to be based in India?

Yes it is going to be based in India and, for names i’m stumped got any ideas

maybe Fly Us


Intercontinental, WorldWide

I’ll found it and you can be the 2nd founding partner and I have found our 3rd founding partner

We should aim to get it up and running by the end of next week ?

when its active i’ll create a logo and publish ads and iformation in English and German

Ok cool. It should be something to do with it being a worldwide alliance. Some suggestions would be;

Transcontinental Connect

Alliance Earth

New World Alliance

Flights World Wide

World Wide Airways

Something like that.

I like Transcontinental Connect and New world Alliance

I’ve got a couple more :

Continental Connect

Cross Country Connect

WorldWide Alliance


the name continental connect is blocked from use so i formed it as WorldWide Alliance hope you think thats ok

i’ve created the logo and have written up the application information as soon as you and the 3rd founding partner agree the alliance will be active and i can upload them.

If anybody is interested in joining this alliance the membership information will be up as in a couple of days

[color=#333333][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Wer Interesse an einem Beitritt dieser Allianz die Mitgliedschaft Informationen werdenin ein paar Tagen[/size][/font][/color]

That looks really good, the name is fine. Anything else we need to take care of before launch?

Nope all you have to do is confirm the alliance from your side and then were good to go

oh, i think you are the first alliance who accept multi account players as members - shame on you

I have an airline in idlewild, is that what you’re talking about?

busy on different servers is no multi account , but what you think about that

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user: [color="#FF0000"]removed by admin[/color]

sorry, but i look a little bit, what the airlines and users doing at my hub

and that about you look also a little bit strange

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  • [color="#FF0000"]removed by admin[/color] Unternehmen

Or do you mean because there’s a Wolff Airways and a Wolff INC? That’s because I’m Wolff Airways and Wolff Inc is my brother. My username is Gdub because I’m Garett Wolff, and his is bqwolffba or something like that because he’s Brett Wolff. So I’m not a multi-account player, sorry to burst your bubble. We both have full memberships payed with credit cards in our own names and we’re both based out of Denver because we live here and I also told him to use Denver so it would be easier for us to interline (He wanted to use Atlanta but I persuaded him to go with Dtown because it would be more lucrative).

I’ll look into it and if it turns out to be the case we will take necessary action.


oh, I’m soooooo sorry about that :rolleyes:

Please leave moderating to the moderating staff… And try to not use caps, as we’d prefer not to see shouting on the forums…

@chillhunter: Anyone who believes he/she has noticed a multi-account is asked to report this to support. There are no special exceptions for anyone.