I have been playing in Stapleton since its inception, and am somewhat addicted to the game. My airline, Peach State Air, reflects where I live and the fact that whenever I hop on a plane in real life, it’s out of Hartsfield-Jackson.

Some time ago I joined an alliance to explore that aspect of the game. Unfortunately, the alliance seems to be dying. I thought that communicating with other players around the world and talking about airplanes, airports, routing, and all things aviation would be a fun part of the game. I have learned some things about playing as a member of an alliance, but sadly the fun part that might have come with it has not materialized.

What can my fictional airline provide? As a player, I check in daily. The home base is at ATL, with recent expansion at DTW. The current fleet is largely Dash 8s and CRJ 700 or 900, but I will include larger aircraft soon as the bank account builds up.

Ich kann auch Deutsch, aber English ist meine Muttersprache. Tippen geht schneller fuer mich auf Englisch.

If I can help any alliance, and you can help add an element of fun to the game (as mentioned above), I would not mind hearing from your alliance. In-game messages probably work best.


Dave (dfek74 @ Peach State Air)