Also Time to say Good Bye

I will not write as long as Christian did a few days ago. Just want to wish everybody all the best and good luck on your way through AS and of course real life! I have the feeling that time for me has come to leave.


Farewell, I wish you the best!

While I may not have known you personally, I have always known you to be tough competition! Best of luck wherever life takes you. We hope to be able to welcome you back sometime in the future!

Farewell, Highscore. I will miss you.

It’s been a pleasure. I am ready to welcome you back any day. And thank you for contributing to AS in such a positive manner.

I wish you a great journey :slight_smile:

Thanks and hope to see you sometime again...

Good luck to your endeavors and projects in life.

I hope it's not part of wave of leaving...

Good luck and wish you all the best 

I wish you well in all things.

All the best and good bye to you!

All the best!

All the best, can I ask why though? 

I have been playing this game for quite some time, 3 years. It was very much fun and I met some nice guys here.

But I also realized that there are many people around here who are not nice. And I also realized that the game is stuck and will not move forward fast enough. And instead of opening the 100th new enterprise knowing how to kick others out, I decided to stop.

AS is great and most players also. Martin and his team did and are doing a very good job. But for me, the game is boring now.

Goodbye and very sad to see great players like you leave. I just hope no more leave because it would truly sadden me to see the end of this fantastic game. All the best Julien!

New players are coming every day and some of them will stay another couple of years. New generations.

Thanks again for the great time!

It is funny.  For multiple years I loved this game but I have to agree with the poster.  Once you've learned how to conquer it becomes a lot less interesting.  Right now there are open markets in many of the old servers (not to mention the temporary ones) but I just can't find a reason to keep paying this much to play essentially a static game.  And now they are raising rates without putting any work into the game.

What this game needs is different starting dates with the appropriate airplanes.  A 1950's world would at least be different.  Anything different would be good.  

At this point I just wish I could donate my last 60 credits to someone else to use.  It's not enough to start anything new...and I'm not putting good money after bad.


Maybe we'll see each other again in the game. Until then, I remember tough but fair competition and many interesting discussions.

Well, after 1 1/2 year of not playing the game, im back, but now on Wright. I will be starting the airline in Australia and its called FlyAUS so if you are on Wright let me know how we can cooperate. Send me an IGM

Cheers Mike