Americas Airlines

Americas Airlines is a subsidiary of Malaysia Holding and a sister company of Malaysian. We are an airline funded by Malaysian. We are a Unity member as soon as the voting is over (though are entrance is already clear). We will operate from Venezuela, Barbados and Paraguay.

Malaysian will remain as Americas and Malaysian are owned by the same holding corporation.

Americas had a launch event today in Bridgetown, Barbados where the first 737 with our livery was rolled out.

At the launch today of Americas Airlines a clear goal was set. Our goal is that any passenger from anywhere in the Americas should be able to get to any location in the Americas by just 3 stops. This goal will be hard to fulfill but I think we can manage it it together with our partners. 

Americas Airlines has launched with 6 CRJ-700s and 3 CRJ 1000s together with 2 B737-700s, all our aircraft are under 2 years old. We will until the end of the week have 10 CRJ 700s, 12 CRJ 1000 and 6 737-700s. At the launch event in Barbados a journalist asked "Why would you not start with more aircraft if the company has 200 million dollars in the bank?" the CEO answered "We do first need to see what aircraft fits the market until we use more money, though even if we run out of this founding funds we will be able to get almost 1 billion dollars more from the Malaysia Group".

Americas Airlines today placed a firm order totaling 100 brand new Bombardier C series aircraft (50 CS100 and 50 CS300) which will replace the 737-700 and 737-600 aircrafts which are currently in the fleet. We are very proud of thee next generation aircraft ich we hope to have all aircraft delivered in 1 year. 

We wish you a nice flight onboard Unity Skies as Americas has officially become a Unity Skies member with 100% positive votes. Unity Skies is by far the largest alliance in South America, Central America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. We are currently the world's largest airline alliance but we are still looking to expand in many areas. We also offer the largest number of destinations which is over 1600.

Americas Airlines has been shut down after realising that we do not have traffic rights to fly in Venezuela. The CEO said "It was a very costly mistake". All orders of the airline have instead been taken over a new Malaysia group airline called Moldova Airlines which is based in Chisinau, Moldova.