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[size=“1”]Today CEO Khalifa bin Waleed Al Majid decided to make AMIRAH Airways more publish. On the link up there you will find some general informations about AMIRAH, “her” intentions and the fleet. This forum thread will just show some recent news about fleet environment, network and maybe the one or other take over of one pity competitor. :P[/size]


We start with the leasing of one additional Boeing 747-400F which took over flight pair AMH 1224/1225 to/from Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport from one of our many Airbus A330-243F (of which we’re the largest operator). After a short evaluation of all 60+ destinations flown from Sharjah we made a list for a further expansion. The first step was this Boeing 747 - our fifth - and an order for four more Airbus A330-243F. They will expand services to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Tokyo. The replaced Airbus on the Sharjah - Taipei route will start a fourth daily run to Luxembourg under flight number AMH 1146/1147.

Kindest regards - the third largest cargo carrier. We’ll get you ASIAN Pacific! :)[/size][/font]

Good Luck


Pff. Many laughed, many gone.

Customer and interested information page - AMIRAH Airways

AMIRAH Airways announced the replacement of the McDonnell Douglas MD-10/11 fleet by latest Q2 2012.

While the MD-10 already was to be replaced with new Airbus A330-200F in November 2011 but now changed by on month to October 2011. The aircrafts will be ordered around change of month September/October. Due to the lack of MD-11F AMIRAH will replace them with larger Boeing 777-200F. That is also an answer to the rapid grow of needed cargo volume. Some more Boeing 747-400F (later 8F) will join the fleet time to time.

A new partnership with the large cargo (and passenger) carrier "Air Blue Star" of the United States was signed - thanks here to the CEO.

Customer and interested information page - AMIRAH Airways

AMIRAH Airways celebrates the leasing of two new Boeing 777 freighter. Some internal changes in the flight plans were made to improve commonality in the network. The route Sharjah - Taipei Taoyuan is now a Boeing 747-only route with seven daily flights (~ 12.000 tons freight weekly). The two new Boeing 777-200F started to take over the well-running route between Sharjah and Hong Kong. The McDonnell Douglas MD-10F will leave the fleet till 6th October.