any advertisment function in this game?

I want to pose advertisment to improve my loading, does it have?

Nopes, thats not coded into the game yet

Its a function that has been talked about a lot recently and the team are working on getting it implented soon. So just have to wait for a little bit, but it is coming!

sooner or later, probably more later

I dont think there was any decision about implementing it

The marketing part of the is very difficult to create because it may be unfair for newer airlines because larger airlines will be able to afford lots of marketing. So yea it should be coming soon as someone mentioned, but not like next week, i think more like in a couple of months. :)

i dont think its a good idea

it will increase the advantages of the bigger airlines

you start with 10 millionen, so what will you spend for marketing ? 1 millionen ?

ok, my airline is pretty well in business, this week i spend 20 millionen for marketing

who will more succesfull ?

its only good to make fat asses more fat

This is something that a few members are worried about, including myself. However, the implementation of the marketing tool is a ways off yet. Im sure that once the team is getting serious about adding this feature to the game there will be plenty of discussion on how to make to make it fair. One point I can think of off the top of my head, is only to make it available on new servers that start up. This way everyone is on a level playing feild. This would be similar to the way they do not delete old airports in old servers as this would disadvantage airlines flying there. Not to mention all the rescheduling you would have to do!

All in all the AS team IMO, do what they can to ensure fairness throughout all the servers and when the time comes they will do their best with this feature too.