Anybody got flight missing like this?

I opened a TT to AS about this but I want to see if any of the members here has ever experienced something like this.

I transferred schedule to this particular aircraft from different aircraft (using Flight -> change Assigned Aircraft), a schedule which would be consecutively transferred with flights getting booked into ORS on the new plane starting in 3 days and onwards.

This new aircraft (PP-BNB) started picking up schedule and flights starting 26/4/2014 with flight AM 140 CGH-BSB.

Problem is that later that day (26/4/2014) a flight AM 1499 CWB-CGH was not present in the schedule.

It simply did not get booked into ORS.

We can see that previous flight, 1498, and later flight, 1490, are both booked into ORS properly.

I am attaching two images:

  1. Screenshot of the schedule booked on PP-BNB
  2. Screenshot of booked flights AM 1499. We can observe the flight on 26/4/2014 is missing

I could understand that when transferring schedule, the first flight in line would me missing if the flight was ongoing while schedule transfer is in process. But we are talking here about 11th flight of the day that did not get booked into ORS.

Anybody has this happened to his flights?



This typically happens when the flight instance was already created for a different aircraft (even if the other one was cancelled). Was that the case?


This typically happens when the flight instance was already created for a different aircraft (even if the other one was cancelled). Was that the case?

I don't think that was the case. The previous plane has flt. 1499 last booked on 25/4/2014, and that was the last flight on that aircraft (see pic below). That plane is currently waiting to be returned to the lessor.

Have you transfered the flight to the new aircraft or canceled the schedule in the old one and afterwards added the flights to the new aircraft and approved it then. It must have something to do with changing the schedule from one aircraft to the other.

Moved schedule through Flight Assignment to Aircraft. (the box where you enter the aircraft registration number and confirm switchover.)

Also answered to your support ticket too - maybe in the future we can reduce this to one way of communication ;)

This seems to be a problem in the process of changing the assignment to an aircraft. We have to look if this repeats in any way and if we can reproduce it or not, but no clue why this happened in here.

Hi George,

it is not necessarily a bad thing to ask if other players have had the same problem beforeĀ  ;-)

I may be wrong, but it looks to me you did not just transfer the schedule from one plane to another plane. Did you move the flights forward in time ?

On one occasion I have had a similar problem. I changed the departure time of a flight from shortly after midnight to shortly before midnight. But the system can only handle one flight number per day...

Let's say flight AM1499 is scheduled to fly at 01:00 and tomorrow morning's flight is already in the ORS system. Later on you change the schedule a bit and then the flight is scheduled to take-off at 23:00 hours. In that case it is possible that the first (new) AM1499 flight will only be entered in the ORS system the day after tomorrow, because there is already a AM1499 flight scheduled at 01:00 hours.

I hope you understand what I meanĀ  :-)

The thing is, I used hub time for that airline. So I did not even realise that I moved the flight from 01:00 to 23:00 hours (the previous evening). According to my hub time, the flight was changed from 03:00 to 01:00 hours (the same day).

Since I know that the ORS uses server time, all my airlines use server time.


It would be better if AS improved the process of moving the entire schedule from one aircraft to another. The current one kind of bothers me a little bit.

Like having a button "reassigning the entire schedule to another aircraft"