It would be good if Aspern could have some more space (I accidentally deleted my account on the server and couldn't make another)

because Aspern is easier than other more developed servers. 

Just camp at your F5 button. Eventually there will be room within few minutes :-)

also, I disagree that it would be easier to start on aspern right now than on one of the other servers.

Just keep F5ing then you will have a slot sooner or later

Thanks i'll try it.

It's not working, I don't get how pressing F5 will work.

well you must sit and wait...(hours or days)

i just catch one slot this morning on Aspen :D

F5 = Refresh Page. Eventually someone will  kill their company and leave the server. This will leave a slot open for you.

I still cannot find a spot. Please Help.

I still cannot find a spot. Please Help.

1200 Players on the Server means ...... Server is Full. You can look when you can if a slot will become available .... there is nothing else we can do.

Take another server meanwhile ... or wait ... that's all we can do right now.

Take a look at the server page (where the news feed is), and keep refreshing. When someone goes bankrupt or liquidates, sign up.

I get that but I just cannot find an easy server to play on. Any other server I try there are either no slots or too much competition.

Don't worry I have found a spot now.

1199/1200 right now…

I got one first try this Afternoon @ 1:32 EST

1191 yesterday, 1199 today. Place surely to be found now.

No you won't ... there are some general clauses and game rules saying that this is not allowed.

Just camp at your F5 button. Eventually there will be room within few minutes :-)

I did not know about the F5 button--thanks for the new information!

Says you who can't even follow your own rules

That was not a very nice thing to say.

You know the word "OR"? I contacted you several times and generaly I give a response time of a week and prolonged that several time in your case. But your reaction aloway was to insult me ... remember you called me "dumbass". So if there is no cooperation but insulting, I may be incompetent in your eyes, but this is the only solution. By the way - it was not only the name itself you also used picture with the former existing names (factory building?).