ATR-42 and ATR-72 For Cargo

First of all, both are maintenance category 24.  I will not be penalized for maintenance costs (If say the the 42 was a 4th aircraft model and I already used 72's) as they would both fall into the same category, correct?

Second, does anyone have experience with the 72 vs the 42 as far as profit margin?  Just due to popularity I assume the 72 is better.  Opinions?

1. This is correct. You have already the 72s so there is no harm after introducing the 42s. The 72 is a simple stretch over the 42, but generally it's the same aircraft.

2. I only can talk about the cargo versions, the margins on the 72-500s are very good but they need a pretty high payload. The 42s might be better on thinner (cargo) routes.

Ok, exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for the reply.  :)

Dont bother with the 42....if a route cant fill or handle the 72, it isn't worth serving.

Its a great aircraft....thats why cargoMAX has so many!

Dont bother with the 42....if a route cant fill or handle the 72, it isn't worth serving.

Sounds a bit general too me.

Both the 42-500F and 72-500F have roughly the same fuel-consumption per CU, so there’s no significant difference in the most important cost factor.

The 42 however has the same maint costs than the 72, making 42-maint 55% (per CU) more expensive than the 72. Add to that negative aspects of size (higher costs per CU for staff etc.)

Still, the 42 is far from being not worth it.

On an example route where I’m using both the 42 and 72, I’d need a load factor of 66% (60CU) for the 72 but only 44CU (76%) for the 42 to make a profit. The 42 very well caters the weaker routes therefore.

As for the profit margins as asked by the TO:

The 72 with my airline usually makes almost twice the profit of a 42, that’s roughly a 25% higher profit margin for the 72.


I’m using owned aircraft, so I completely forgot about Leasing/depreciation costs…

When leased for a standard rate, the 42 is 14% more expensive.