automatic transfer flights?

I notice that when I change the schedule for an aircraft to use a totally different route with different origin and destination from the previous route, it seems to be magically assigned a transfer flight. Ditto when I bring a new aircraft into the fleet.  Is this a new feature? Is there an option in the settings somewhere?  In the past it used to be necessary to schedule a transfer flight manually, otherwise you got dozens of "wrong airport" messages.

This has been active for almost a year.

Release here

One note though, aircraft must have a pilot assigned and maintenance condition over 50% in order for transfer flights to happen.

Yep, it looks like for a whole year I've been diligently scheduling xfer flights for no reason.

One more thing, if the transfer flight is longer than three days, the auto transfer function would also NOT work. You need to activate the transfer flights by yourself even though flights after three days are signed. Be aware this when you introduce small planes into your fleet, like LET, BN-2B, Metros.

TWAAir, I did have a case like that recently, the auto transfer did work, but it took more than three days for the plane to arrive, so the first few flights in the schedule got canceled.